16×34 Slip Resistant Bath Tub Mats



Keep your loved ones safe in the bath. Proven in thousands of hotel rooms nationwide these  bath tub mats help prevent slip and fall accidents.  Safety bath mats adhere permanently (will last for years) to the bottom of your bathtub, making them safer and slip-resistant. Guaranteed not to mold, mildew, or discolor. Bathtub mats non slip, just peel and stick.

The average homeowner can install one of these peel and stick bath tub mats in just a short time. If properly installed, the tub mat won’t peel or curl. White mats look best on white tubs and Clear bath mats look best on almond, bisque, or colored tubs. For dementia patients or those with poor eye sight we recommend a Sandstone tub mat for its contrast against a white or colored tub. These hotel bath tub mats come with installation instructions. Or view installation video here.


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Used in hotels nationwide, safety bath tub mats look elegant, yet provide much needed traction for wet feet. The bah tub mats clean easily with standard household cleaners. Slip Resistant Bath Tub Mats are manufactured from a unique type of vinyl, and are both comfortable to the skin and pleasing to the eye. They will not mold or turn slimy. More elegant than appliques or tape these mats are safer because they cover more surface area.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 3 x 3 in


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