Bottom of bathtub must be clean with no soap scum.
Clean bottom of bath tub with good quality cleaner such as Simple Green, 409, or Fantastic. Scrub with  a Scotchbrite pad and make sure all soap scum is removed. Rinse with water and dry with a paper towel. Next wipe with rubbing alcohol or acetone. This helps absorb any water left in the pores of the surface. If you don’t have these, let tub dry for at least an hour after you have towel dried it.

Before removing the backing, place bath tub mat in the tub and align it where you would like it. Using a pencil, lightly trace around the edges. This will help your alignment.

Wash your hands to remove any skin oils. This helps keep the integrity of the adhesive if you accidentally touch it. Peel back about 1 inch of the paper from the adhesive and fold back. Try not to touch the adhesive with your fingers.

Using your tracing marks, align the front of the bath tub mat with your tracing marks and press the mat firmly onto tub. Reach under the mat and slowly peel back paper as you press the bath tub mat into the tub.

Once bath tub mat is in place use a rolling pin or laminate roller to smooth down. Start in the center and roll to the edges to remove any air bubbles. If you have a trapped bubble, prick the bubble with a needle and roll again. Now roll all edges completely flat.

Repeat the rolling even though the mat looks secure.

That’s it, the tub is ready to use.

Always use caution when entering or leaving a bath tub. The use of grab bars is highly recommended. Slip resistant mats are just that, slip resistant. They can’t prevent all accidents.

Cleaning: Clean bath tub mat with a good quality cleaner and a soft bristle brush.

Removal: Bath tub mat can be removed with acetone and a nylon spatula.

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