Frequently Asked Questions. Safety Bath Mat

Q: Will a Safety Bath Mat really not mold? Suction cup bath mats usually get slimy.

The mats really do not mold, mildew or turn slimy. In fact they are guaranteed. If in the first two years they mold, we will refund your money.

Q: Is a Safety Bath Mat easy to clean?

Yes, just use a soft bristle brush and a standard bathroom cleaner such as 409.

Q: Do the bath tub mats peel up right away? I had some bathtub stickers and they peeled up after a month.

If properly installed (see installation video) a Safety Bath Mat will last for years without peeling. The key is no soap scum and to roll them into the tub with a laminate roller. Really bear down on the roller. You won’t hurt the mat. Use a rolling pin or anything round that you can press down on. (Such as a metal water bottle)

Q: Can the bath mats be removed?

A: Yes, just use a spatula to lift a corner and pull the mat up. Any adhesive left on the tub can be removed with acetone (fingernail polish remover).

Q: I see you sell bath tub tape. What is better, a  Safety Bath Mat or tape?

A: A bathtub mat is much better. We sell bath tub tape for stairs, hot tubs, and for around pools.

Q: Can you sit on these non slip bath tub mats? Are they like sandpaper?

A: Yes you can sit on them. The slip resistant Safety Bath Mat is made from a unique kind of vinyl that is not scratchy yet provides traction for slippery feet.

Q: I’m looking for the best bath tub mat. How do I know these are the best?

A: Because the hotel industry relies on these bath tub mats to keep their customers safe. They are used in thousands of hotel rooms nationwide. Hotels can’t afford a slip and fall and neither can you.

Q: My bathtub has a textured bottom, it is fiberglass and has bumps. Can I use a Safety Bath Mat?

A: The mats are not recommended for textured bottom. That being said, we have had customers who tried them (because they had to have something) and reported they didn’t peel up. The smaller the bumps the less likely they are to peel.

Q: I have a refinished bathtub. The refinisher said “buy a bath tub mat without suction cups.” Will this work?

A: Yes, we sell lots of Safety Bath Mats to bathtub refinishers. But check with them just in case.

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