Bathtub slip and fall accidents avoidable with anti-slip bath tub mats

Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury for those under the age of 5 and those over the age of 65. And 80% of those falls happen in the bathroom. The best way to reduce the possibility of falling is to install a permanent bath tub mat and to add grab bars. A permanent, Safety Bath Mat, can make your home safer. This is because the tub mats cover the bottom of the tub and do not mold or turn slimy – guaranteed.

But what is the best bath tub mat? How do you know this is the right tub mat? The answer is because Safety Bath Mats are used in thousands of hotels worldwide. The hotel industry cannot afford and a slip and fall accident. They rely on Safety Bath  Tub Mats to prevent accidents and avoid lawsuits. Recently a national hotel in Denver that did not have a bath tub mat lost a lawsuit that cost them $240,000. Every one of their bathtubs could have been made safer by installing a bath tub mat. It would have cost less than $1000 to prevent a lawsuit. The hotel industry cannot afford a slip and fall accident and neither can you.

Used in hotels, motels, and apartments nationwide, Safety Bath Tub Mats look elegant, yet provide much needed traction for wet feet. The non slip bath tub mats clean easily with standard household cleaners. Slip Resistant, bath tub mats are manufactured from a unique type of vinyl, and are both comfortable to the skin and pleasing to the eye. They are comfortable sitting or standing. They are guaranteed not to mold mildew or discolor. Suction cup bath mats turn slimy and cause odor unless taken out of the tub after each use. Throw them out and install a permanent easy clean bathtub mat. While you’re at it install one for your parents or grandchildren. Those bath tub stickers that look like frogs look cute for the kids and do provide some protection, but they will grow out of them.

Safety Bath Tub Mats are easy to install. Just peel and stick to a clean tub. If all soap scum is removed then the mat will last for years. (see installation video) The mat is also easy to clean. Just use a good cleaner such as 409 or Fantastic and a soft bristle brush. In less than a minute your mat looks clean and new. Installing a Safety Bath Mat should be your first step to bathroom safety.


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