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megleg2_frvsThese permanent mats are used in hotels nationwide to help prevent ‘slip and fall’ accidents.  Slip resistant vinyl matting adheres permanently to the bottom of the bathtubs making them safer and slip-resistant. Guaranteed not to mold, mildew, or discolor.

These peel and stick mats are easy to install. Easily cleaned with standard hotel or household cleaners they will look great for years.

Very affordable, easy to clean, these bath mats look elegant yet provide much needed traction to slippery feet. Permanent Slip Resistant Bath Mats are manufactured from a unique type of vinyl, and are both comfortable when sitting or standing.

Keep your customers safe and avoid lawsuits.

In addition these bathmats can help prolong the life of a bath tub. After a number of years the bottoms of the tubs become dull do to lime scale and constant cleaning. Keep a clean looking tub for your customers. Make the bottom look fresh again by installing a new permanent bath mat.

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